In 2019, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Lure to create a series of tiny candy-themed illustrations intended for the packaging of multiple lip scrubs and butters, made by Bebe Germany.
In collaboration with influencers, Katharina Damm and Patrizia Palme, the first six products were developed and named on site, during a live workshop, and another three summer special editions were developed later.

*+. Let's have a look at the process of this tasty project .+*
After an initial briefing, and before working with the influencers,
I sketched a couple rough potential icons of the lip product's flavours.
First icons
At this point the agency chose a few icons to colour and print out before the shoot.
The workshop
During the workshop, we displayed the pre-designed icons to inspire the influencers' creativity. I also sketched out their conversations as they talked about their relationship as BFFs and what role sweets played in it. There was also an amazing table set up with mouth-watering treats, which the influencers ate and used as inspiration to develop the product names.
The Icons
After the workshop, I went home and created illustrations for the different flavours to match their names given by the influencers during the workshop.
Warm Caramel Popcorn
Crunch Vanilla Baiser (Meringue)
Melty Chocolate Cake
Creamy Coconut Cake Pop
Pink Sugar Cotton Candy
Pink Strawberry Macaron
Special Edition Flavours
A few months later, Lure approached me again to also create illustrations for three new summer products with the following names:
Cool Cassis Ice, Ruby Raspberry Ice Cream & Fresh Lemon Mint Sorbet
And finally, here are a couple of the product shots, which can be bought in cosmetic stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Package design and art direction was done by fellow freelancer Frederik Niklaus.
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