STEM Quest is Carlton Kid's series of non-fiction educational titles designed to introduce the key principles of science, technology, engineering and maths - with each subject taking over its own book. Each book is packed with information, do-at-home experiments, and extraordinary facts and stats. What separates this series from your typical educational title is the wonderful and entertaining full-page, full-colour illustrations throughout by Annika Brandow (Science, Maths) and Kristyna Baczynski (Technology, Engineering). 

To ensure the highest standard of factual and educational content, we worked with editorial consultant Georgette Yakman, founding researcher and creator of the integrative STEAM framework. The series has been hugely successful worldwide, with translations in 13 languages. I art directed and project managed the series, and designed the covers. 
Astonishing Atoms and Matter Mayhem (Science)
Tools, Robotics and Gadgets Galore (Technology)
Fantastic Forces and Incredible Machines (Engineering)
Fabulous Figures and Cool Calculations (Maths)
Text, design and illustration from "STEM Quest" series books ("Astonishing Atoms and Matter Mayhem", "Tools, Robotics and Gadgets Galore", "Fantastic Forces and Incredible Machines", "Fabulous Figures and Cool Calculations") is © Carlton Books Limited 2019.
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