The Logo
The logo represents the four guilds of the game who each has their own unique stone, colour and mannerisms. 
The swords represent the battle of the game and the hammers the theme of building.

Character cards of the four different guilds
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Guild masters: At the top of their guild, due to years of hard, physical work.
Architects: Older characters who have many years of experience in the craft of masonry.
SURVEYORS: Characters who work out in the field.
Apprentices: Young and eager to learn. Often used to carry their guild's masonry tools and building plans.





Stand-alone characters and back-of-card design

THE FOREMAN: Makes you work overtime.
THE HIGHWAYMAN: Steals player's points by stealing their Stone Rows.
THE MASON: Repairs and Builds Stone Rows.

Number and Tower cards
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Number Cards: Each guild has nine number cards with a corresponding frame.
Tower Cards: These cards are added together to form one tall tower. Each guild is also represented in the tower.

A couple snapshots of the cards
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